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Horsey Beach

Stripes Express Guide to Norfolk

As taxi drivers we spend much of our day collecting our customers from day trips and evenings out and enjoy learning about how they’ve spent their spare time. We love being based in Norfolk, with plenty of things to do throughout the year, we could write an endless list of fantastic local attractions, restaurants and […]

Frequently asked questions

The most commonly asked taxi questions about our taxi services.

We are often asked questions regarding our taxi service, aside from the usual “what time are you on until?” so we have collated some of the most popular queries, to try and assist with your taxi curiosities. We have a long-distance event to go to, can you pick us up too? Yes, we often take […]


Who Invented Taxis? Everything You Need to Know

Depending on where you live, the word ‘taxi’ will summon different connotations. By way of example, a New Yorker would associate the word ‘taxi’ with the iconic yellow Jada 1957 Chevrolet or 2003 Ford Crown Victoria. A Londoner, on the other hand, would only ever think of the traditional Austin FX4 black cab. Whilst these […]

Dog Friendly Taxis

Taking your dog along for the ride

When you are heading out on a doggy day out in Norfolk, or your car has broken down it isn’t always easy to find transportation that will be happy to take your pet.

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